Thousand Oaks Dentist Thousand Oak Dentist is definitely one of the best dentistry in the
locality with the latest equipment and specialized dentists.
Thousand Oaks Dentist Thousand Oak Dentist is definitely one of the best dentistry in the
locality with the latest equipment and specialized dentists.
Dental Quality
Our dentists and staff offer the best quality services that cannot be compared with anyone.
Latest Technology
We are up to date when it comes to technology to provide outpatients the best treatments.
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Thousand Oak Dentistry has been functioning and providing the best quality of treatment to its patients and making sure to go that extra mile to make their lives better in every aspect.
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Our pricing is one thing that will really surprise you. It is definitely less than any other in the business.

Who We Are?

Thousand Oak Dentistry is a group of dental hospitals that specializes in providing the best treatment for dental issues.

  • With nearly three decades of experience and dedicated staff.
  • we are able to build a strong base and create a good reputation among the public.


Our general dentistry section is equipped with the latest instruments and filled with experienced dentists who can provide the best solutions for all dental issues.
Our cosmetic dentistry is considered to be one of the best in the world. We have the best dentists who are experienced and specialized in providing great dental cosmetic solutions.
Broken tooth? Get your dental implants with simple procedures from the best dentists in the country.

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Dental bills are ruining my finances and life – where is the government?

Dental bills are ruining my finances and life - where is the government?
  • Braces took away three months of my income
  • Dental insurance is too expensive
  • State subsidized dental treatment

Being a father of two children and having a wife to support, it can be quite difficult to keep control of my finances at times. One of the biggest problems I’m having, and that I see a lot of others have, is that dental bills are way too high; dental bills cost thousands of dollars; dental bills are ruining my finances and life. As an American who works hard for his country and to support his family, I now wonder: where is the government? 

Braces took away three months of my income

A few years ago, our family’s dentist discovered that our son’s teeth had become significantly crooked since our previous visit to the clinic. If we didn’t give him braces, the doctor said, the teeth might become even more crooked, to the point where it would be difficult to eat and his teeth would be more likely to become weaker with time. 

Fast forward 2 years and my son’s teeth are now straight – something we are very grateful for. But I feel the cost was unbelievably high: in total, I had to cash out $6,000 for the ceramic braces that had to stay on and be tightened regularly during the 2 years. 

Paying for my son’s braces took away three months of my income; income I could not afford to lose. I had to take on credit card debt, and it will take me several years to pay it down. At the same time, I’m sure there are many others who have struggled even more than me…

US dental insurance is too expensive compared to other countries

Being curious about how things were done in other countries, I browsed the internet for the best dental insurance companies. I’m quite fond of Norway’s political system, and was drawn towards this company called Din Tannforsikring. Their insurances are regulated by governmental supervision, and their tannhelseforsikring costs about $15 per month. In addition, Norwegians don’t even need to pay for other medical insurance, which makes it easier to finance their dental insurance. 

In as rich a country as Norway, $15 is quite cheap, compared to the $45 I pay for my own dental insurance in the states – something many others do as well. On top of all of the other costs I have, this extra cost makes a big difference to my finances. 

According to my opinion, dental insurance is way too expensive, and dental bills remain a huge problem. 

State subsidized dental treatment

Having outlined my problems, here are some of the things I believe the government could do to help: 

  • Cover 50% of dental expenses. This would greatly reduce the financial burden of unexpected costs that prop up. 
  • Apply for coverage when a low-income family faces large dental expenses. Middle- and high-income families can often fend for themselves, but for those in extra need, it should be possible to ask for help. 
  • Cover 50% of dental insurance. As the insurance itself is quite high, a more affordable solution (from the government’s perspective) might be to cover half of the insurance, instead of half of the costs. 

Top 7 Dental Industry Trends in 2020

Dentist equipment

2020 is no far away anymore, and like every year, there are some dental trends that will pop up this year. Research reports have proved that the upcoming year is also filled with exciting dental and in-office trends. 2020 is all going to show us new technologies, different ways for improving business exercise and optimize the patient experience. There is also some interesting advancement in robotic-dental.

Read this article and learn the top 7 high-technology dental trend equipment. Here you can learn the superb dental operations that you can implement in the upcoming year and save your time. Our dentist expert Christoffer Bjelland, Tannlege Bergen says the dental industry focuses on streamlining operations and improving patient volume is also one of the most significant increases that will see in 2020.

Let’s start the article and learn about the trendiest dental industries in 2020.

Natural Dental Product

Within the healthcare world of both personal & professional, going green is becoming the most famous trend almost in all dental industries. Let’s get rid of artificial products that are occupying so much space in your Ventry. Supporting natural health care oral products, consumers are increasingly using natural products. You should go for natural hygiene oral products during your dental practice.

Laser Dentistry

This is also one of the most important dental trends that are going to storm out in 2020. There are various reasons for the popularity of Laser Dentistry. The uses of this dental treatment are extensive such as

  • Whitening teeth
  • Preventing tooth decay
  • Reshaping the gums
  • Preparation of the enamel of the tooth for refilling
  • Also, eradicate the lesions

Digital Impressions

This dental trend eliminates challenges that dentists and patients have to face, such as damage and deteriorated casts. Are you still using wax and clay for making the mold of your patient’s cast? If yes, then 2020 will the best time to upgrade your dental experience with Digital Impression.

Workaround Social Algorithms

In 2017, there were several changes made up in the world of social media platforms and these changes caused many businesses to suffer from outcomes. Dentists are also the professionals that are seeing a low charge in their social media efforts. In 2020, dentists should also work around more on social algorithms such as they can use Facebook for this.

Advancement in Patient Experience

Improvements in dental trends don’t do anything better if the experience of your patients is zero. It is one of the ultimate factors that have a direct effect on the successful journey of your dental practice. Patients seek comfortable and reliable dentists, products and outcomes. So, emphasize the need of your patients by improving different services such as check-in, check out, appointments, and advancement in payment modes.

Use Patient Tracking and Management Software

You can automate and digitalize some of the working burdens with the help of Digital Automation Technology. This software not only helps you in your dental practice but also works for improving the patient’s experience.

Dental 3D Printers

3d Dental Printers are dramatically reducing the cost, timing, and different problems by revolutionizing the orthodontics and dental practices. Dental 3D printers going to become the most common dental trend in 2020 that advances the total replacement process, crowns & veneers with the expansion production of custom aligns.

What can we learn from the best dentists in the US?

We recently had the pleasure of having a dentist clinic, Tannklinikken Dent from Trondheim, Norway visit us. Apart from dental treatment, they felt there are major life lessons that can be learned from the best dentists in the US.

Care is a vital element for the people

It is the fact that many people overlook caring others but the little act of caring has a great impact on others life even more than one’s imagination. Dentists in the US are proficient to treat patients with proper care and attention. Patients not only feel easy and relax from the Dentist humble attitude but they can also share their cavity issues in a more convenient manner. Moreover, we can opt a caring attitude in our daily lives to soothe others sufferings. Care is an inexpensive way to make others feel better. It also creates very positive energy around you that keeps you contented, reduces the stress level, enhances the immune system, and makes you healthier.

Every darkest night will end and the sun will rise

When people feel stressed because of toothache, they almost forget every happiness in their lives. Their focus is to get rid of the cavity problem but after getting treatment from the best dentist in the US, all troubles vanish and they feel like contented persons ever. The dentist never says that it is impossible to cure your cavity problem, no matter how complicated it is. The reason is they are proficient to keep you hopeful for the best. It is human nature; instead of counting blessings in life, we always search for negativities that are the obsession these days. Dentist in the US also gives us a lesson that life is not always smooth and calm. At times, there are troubles or sufferings in life but we need to be tolerant enough and let them pass slowly but surely. We should never give up on little sufferings because hope is one of the best medication to face all pains.

Dentist with her patient

Spread Smiles

Dentists’ goal is to bring your smiles back to you by giving an effective treatment. Toothache is such a terrible thing that a person forgets to smile when suffering from it but thanks to the US dentists who not only cure the cavity problem but also set an example to spread smiles throughout the world. We can spread smiles by doing small deeds in our daily lives such as by helping the blind or old in crossing road, providing food to poor people, visiting patients in the hospital, listening to people’ griefs, etc.

Management is essential in everything you do

No matter, in what business you are but if you are not good in management then you will not become a successful person. Best dentists in the US always schedule appointments to give treatment. They have well-managed plans to avoid any inconvenience. It not only saves time but people get treatment in a relaxed environment without hassle. We can learn management in life that is a very important aspect to do things on time.

Chase your dreams!

Make your passion a profession! Yes, it is the best way to fulfill your dreams. Dentists love their job and it is the foremost reason that they always treat their patients with great attention and spend much time to cure them. It will not possible if the dentist does not like its job. It is a great lesson for us that never go for the job in which you are not interested. It will not only waste your time but also makes your life difficult. Simply, search for the job of your interest that makes you feel happy and contented so you will be able to do it whole-heartedly.


Tips For Good Oral Hygiene And Healthy Smile

We are sure that no one will deny the fact that there are billions of bacteria living in our mouth. Leaving them as such will result in a lot of issues like tooth decay, plaque, and gingivitis which can later result in gum diseases. Everyone wants to have a healthy smile. To have a healthy smile, it is mandatory that you should practice good oral hygiene.  Simple things like brushing your teeth after a meal and using antibacterial mouth wash will definitely have a very positive impact on your oral hygiene.

Origin of tooth decay

The bacteria that are present in the mouth is the main reason for tooth decay. They actually grow by feeding the sugar in the food that we consume. They also produce waste in the form of a biofilm which causes the dental plaque. This plaque actually allows them to stay for a long time resulting in the secretion of acids. This acid destroys the enamel of the teeth and ultimately causes a cavity. The plaque near the gums produces toxic products that cause gingivitis. If gingivitis is left untreated for a long time, then they become periodicities.

Prevention of tooth decay

The easiest and the simplest way to prevent tooth decay is to brush two times a day. This removes the plaque on the surface of the teeth. It is necessary to brush regularly because plaque is formed constantly, hence need to be removed daily which entirely eliminates further growth. Make sure that you reach all the areas in your tooth while brushing. It is better to use antimicrobial toothpaste that contains fluoride. To achieve better results make use of antibacterial mouth wash after brushing.

Proper brushing and flossing techniques

According to the American Dental Association, more than seventy-five percent of the people brush the wrong way. The brushes that they use and the procedures that they follow are not the entirely right.


While brushing, place the brush at an angle of forty-five degrees to achieve maximum cleaning. Do not apply too much pressure. Brushing too hard might clean the tooth, but at the same time, it also hurts the gums. Brush both the inner and outer surface of the tooth. Most of the people only brush the outer surface. Give more concentration to the top which is the chewing surface. Finally, remember to brush the tongue and to keep them away from bacteria.


Cut the necessary length of the floss that you need. Make sure that you have enough length so that you are comfortable while flossing. Hold the floss tightly and guide them in between the teeth. Have a gentle rubbing motion. Make sure that you don’t go too low as it will hurt the gums. When it reaches the gums turn the curve into a C against the tooth. Make the up and down motion to remove the floss near the gums. Make sure that you reach all the parts of your teeth.

Five Ways To Achieve A Whiter Smile

Smile – The one important thing that is missing in most of our lives. Having a good smile is not just a facial feature. It is more than that. It is one of those things that show your attitude to the rest of the world. Smiling confidently will definitely make a huge difference. One of the aspects that you need to have to smile confidently is a white tooth. In this article, we will discuss the ways to achieve a whiter smile.

Your food habits

Your food habits play a major role when it comes to having a whiter smile. If you want to have a white simile, then it is mandatory that you reduce or if possible totally avoid certain food that creates stains on your teeth. One of the main items to avoid is the drink which is the most consumed all over the world. If your guess is coffee, then you guessed it right. We do understand the fact that most of us have come to a point where we cannot live without coffee. It gives the energy boost and provides the perfect kick start for the day. We are just mentioning coffee here because it is the major contributor; there are also lots of other food items that you need to avoid for having a whiter smile.

Brush with whitening toothpaste

There are different categories of toothpaste that serve different purposes. For example, there are ones which have the formula for germ protection, and there are ones that strengthen the gums and the teeth. Likewise, there are specific kinds of toothpaste that have the formula for whitening the tooth. You can have a whiter smile by using those particular kinds of toothpaste.

Use whitening strips

Whitening strips are one the best and the easiest ways to achieve a whiter smile. We would not call it a substitute for teeth whitening procedures, but it is definitely an affordable alternative. The procedure to use it is also very simple. You can easily do it at your home. All you need to do is place the whitening strip on the teeth and leave it undisturbed for a few minutes. When you remove the strips, you can notice an evident difference in your teeth. It is a procedure that can be done once or twice a week.


Whitening trays

If you are opting for home procedures, whitening trays is also one of the effective ways to achieve a whiter smile. The truth is that it is more effective than whitening strips and is also an affordable procedure. We wouldn’t call it a disadvantage, but one small issue with using whitening trays is that it is it consumes a lot of time when compared with the other procedures. Generally, you need to wear them at least the whole night to witness the results.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening are not the kind of procedures that you can do in your home. It is a procedure that that needs to done by the dentists in dentistry. The procedure includes the initial cleaning and application of whitening varnish or gel to get the glow in your teeth.

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